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Reasons to Love Erie

Chris Temple

Friday Feb 14th, 2020

A Valentine’s Day Tribute

Everyone has it in their head about what they love, or don’t love about Erie. All cities, towns, villages, municipalities and settlements have their ups and downs. For this particular blog post, we wanted to share with you what we love about Erie and why there will always be a special place in our hearts for this AWEsome City!  


1. Wow! Look at that Sunset

It’s well known that Erie boasts some world-class top-notch jaw dropping sunsets. Ones where you look outside and you can’t help but be mesmerized by all the vibrant colors.

We’ve caught ourselves several times wanting to dash to our cars and race to Dobbins Landing or sunset point at Presque Isle to fully appreciate these spectacular displays.

Sunset 0015
Sunset from Presque Isle State Park

2. Traffic - or lack thereof

Ask any Erie-ite how far it is to get from point A to point B in the City and the response is always “about 10-15 minutes”. Try saying that in DC, NYC or Dallas. 


The view from State Street

3. There’s something going on here

Doesn’t it drive you nuts when you overhear someone say “there’s never anything to do”? As Vizzini in Princess Bride would call it…“inconceivable!” Even in the dead of winter there is something going on; inside and out. Theatrical performances, gallery events, sports, concerts, expos, walks, lectures, festivals and even curling leagues!  Enough said. 

If you think there’s nothing going on in Erie, just check out our Events Calendar and we would be happy to prove any naysayer wrong.


Chorus Line 1
Cast from A Chorus Line

4. Affordability

Smaller sized cities are typically more affordable than their larger, metropolitan counterparts. But in Erie, we take affordability to a whole other level. Erie’s festivals are free or almost-free. Our attractions and lodging partners offer discounts, specials and deals.

Restaurants get in the game too with their own offers and special events. And let’s not forget the parking. Not only is it inexpensive compared to larger areas, there’s also plenty of it, plus we have shuttles!

Amerisala 4

5. Presque Isle State Park

How many of us tend to forget that we have this fantastic natural wonder right in our backyard? On any given day, drive down to the Park and you’ll find it humming with activity; the two legged and the four legged kind.

It’s free, it’s unique, it’s beautiful, and it’s ours. No one else can say they have a Presque Isle.

Beach shot 2019
Beaches at Presque Isle State Park

What do YOU love about Erie? Share your thoughts on what makes Erie special. Love is in the air so please don’t give us any flaming bags of...something.

Contact us and share your thoughts. 

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