Movies on The Big Green Screen


Aircraft Carrier - 11 AM, 2 PM & 5 PM
The mission to protect and defend the world's oceans has become far more complex  and challenging in recent years, and naval aviation has become increasingly vital to success.  Find yourself aboard the carrier alongside the 5,000 highly skilled sea  and air personnel conducting flight operations in the midst of simulated war exercises.
Sponsored by: Erie Insurance and Rotary Club of Presque Isle

Flight of the Butterflies - 1 PM and 4 PM

It is a natural history epic.  It is a detective story.  Join hundreds of millions of real butterflies on an amazing journey to a remote and secret hideaway, and one scientist's  40-year search to unravel the mystery - where do they go each fall?
Sponsored by The Tom Ridge Environmental Center Foundation and The Erie Community Foundation

Walking with Dinosaurs - Prehistoric Planet:  12 PM and 3 PM

On a thrilling ride, we spin back in time to an extraordinary prehistoric world: Alaska in the Cretaceous period, 70 million years ago – the last great flourish of the dinosaur era. BBC Earth invites you to come on a journey through the seasons, and experience a year in the life of dinosaurs fighting, feeding, migrating, playing and hunting.
Sponsored by Erie Federal Credit Union and The Tom Ridge Environmental Center Foundation


Movie titles and times are subject to change.

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