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Hulings Blueberries and Farm Market

Hulings Blueberries and Farm Market

5095 Old State Road
Edinboro, PA 16412


Our blueberry season generally starts the first week in July and lasts through mid to late September.

We have 9 different varieties (11 acres) of blueberries which all ripen at different times during the season. Each variety has its own unique flavor. Our earliest variety "The Spartans" are said to be some of the biggest and sweetest blueberries in all of the Tri-State area!

We offer "Pick Your Own" berries or you can buy them already picked at our market stand. All our berries are hand picked fresh daily.

For "Pick Your Own" berries, we supply buckets to pick in and also clear plastic bags to store your berries for easy handling. So there is no need to bring your own containers!