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Pulakos Chocolates

Pulakos Chocolates

380 Millcreek Plaza
Erie, PA 16565


Four generations of Pulakos owners made their mark on the company over the years by opening four stores, operating three bakeries and a restaurant, and relocating the main store and manufacturing facility to 26th and Parade Streets.

Pulakos still operates out of this location, where owner Joseph M. Hilbert oversee a company that continues to win new fans more than one hundred years after George P. Pulakos opened his first store. And that's because while we're always changing, we make sure that the important things-our goal of bringing you the best and freshest candy, our belief in outstanding customer service, and our chocolate artisans’ commitment to bringing our founder’s recipes to life on marble tables and in copper pots-remain the same. We could say more, but we think you’ll be able to taste the Pulakos "always fresh" difference!