Eat & Drink

Eat & Drink

Traditional, non-traditional, casual, fancy, family-friendly, waterfront views, ethnic, diners and grab-and-go...a treasure trove of tastes and drinks! See below for a directory of our top must-eats!

Cloud 9 Pastrami Melt

Learn the history and culture of Erie's beautiful downtown district or the charming town of North East while enjoying delicious food from locally-owned restaurants, bakeries and specialty shops during ERIE FOOD TOURS


Pennsylvania’s moderate climate and rolling terrain provides some of the best grape growing conditions on the East Coast.  Experience the 22 distinct wineries of that span PA and NY along the southern shores of Lake Erie.  With Wine Group Photoapproximately 14,000 acres of grapes, Pennsylvania ranks 4th nationally in the amount of grapes grown and 8th in wine production. The warm waters of Lake Erie are ideal for grape growing. 


Pennsylvania’s only Great Lakes City is known for its port as well as its porters!  The Erie region is home to several breweries that make up the Lake Erie Ale Trail. Each brewery refines their beer from simple ingredients, mixing in a passion for their craft with a personable twist that gives uniqueness to an ever-expanding assortment of flavors, styles and funky names. Grab a growler or a pint today!

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